Trudi Beckett

Andy Archer

With degrees in psychology and school counseling, Trudi Beckett joined the GIS team in 2016 to serve students and families as they progress through the K-12 education pathway onto successful college experiences and future careers. Building on her extensive experience assisting students and adults with goal setting, skill building, and college access planning, Trudi is dedicated to providing positive direction for students’ academic, social, and emotional well-being. Trudi’s background in transcript evaluation, scheduling, placement testing, and college/career planning perfectly align her skills with the needs of Gem students and families. Additionally, Trudi offers counseling services to students addressing social/emotional, educational and behavioral needs.

While in college, Trudi held several positions where she gained experience in college and career planning, mental health, data collection and evaluation, working with dually diagnosed developmentally disabled populations and goal setting. She also provided case management for individuals, groups, and family therapy, sensitive to diverse socio-economic, ethnic and cultural, religious, and sexual orientation populations.

Trudi received her B.S. in psychology in 2011, followed by her M.A. in school counseling in 2016.