Josh Femreite

Andy Archer

A co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Gem Innovation Schools, Josh Femreite facilitates the expansion plans for the CMO, engaging and partnering with each school’s local communities to support the network’s advancement and mission. Josh oversees all facility acquisitions and facilities management, transportation, school operations and safety, nutrition programs, as well as technology for all schools and support structures organization-wide.

Before accepting operations leadership for GIS, Josh developed and led Idaho Distance Education Academy’s (I-DEA) service oriented technology department—from conception to ultimately serving all of the technology needs of I-DEA students and families state-wide. The department also supported students and staff at five separate regional and support offices. As I-DEA’s Director of Technology he spring-boarded and managed the school’s transition to the utilization of high quality adaptable online educational programs for students. He also implemented a learning management system to bring courses online, created a school wide video conferencing system, and started an online electronic library using Overdrive to provide literary access to students in outlying areas.

Josh received his B.S. in Business Information Systems from the University of Idaho.